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Where in Polarion's PostgreSQL Database can I retrieve the name field of an enum option?

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 6:07 pm
by ALMighty
Hello! :D

Where in Polarion's PostgreSQL database can I get the name field of an enumeration option?
If you do not know what I mean, have a look in the attached picture please.

At first I thought in the table enum_options in the database each option is listed with the id, name and description and so on but that table is completely empty (why is there then in the first place?). In my case, I am working with an enum that is a custom field. Thus I find the ID field of a particular enum option of that enum in the table cf_workitem (of course only if a work item has this particular option set in this custom field) but not the Name field.

So, is there any way to retrieve the Name field of an enumoption from the database?

Thanks in advance and farewell! :wink: