In Table: Display test results & rescale image

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In Table: Display test results & rescale image

Postby RVB » Mon May 07, 2018 10:39 am


I have two issues that I’m hoping some of you can help me with.

First, I’m making a custommade table in HTML format where I would like to display the test results (e.g. pass, fail, met, not met). I have tried to implement it using getRecords etc. as shown in for instance viewtopic.php?t=39291, but without succeeding. Generally am I also unsure how to make the correct query to this.

Second, the item ‘Description’ contains images as well as text. However, the images within this are too big and I’m unable to rescale. I get the despription by using:

Code: Select all

<td> $i.transformDescriptionForUI($i.description).getContent() </td>

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<td> $i.renderDescription($i.description, renderImagesAsPlainText).getContent()

Can you help me? :)
PS: I apologies if these questions are very simple – I’m new at this.

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