How to apply sorting/ordering in a Lucene query in the Query Browser?

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How to apply sorting/ordering in a Lucene query in the Query Browser?

Postby ALMighty » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:52 pm


I am aware that you could apply sorting/ordering by clicking on the columns
but I am interested if it possible just with using the syntax in the query browser.

The reason why I ask: I had the similiar problem like in the thread "Sorting WI in Matrix view". In the Matrix view, you have no columns for sorting at your disposal but the Query field exists so if sorting with the query field only is possible, that would be cool.

Something like that (you see the attachment also as a screenshot below):

Code: Select all

NOT HAS_VALUE:resolution AND$[] SORT_BY:title

Is that possible? I was looking through the Lucene Query Parser Syntax documentation since it's syntax is the one used in the query browser but the only thing what I found concerning Sorting was in the section "Range Searches" of said documentation and i actually was not a real sorting/ordering what they mention there.
Lucene query browser example with attempted sorting/ordering
Query_browser_Lucene_example_with_attempted_sorting.png (11.73 KiB) Viewed 162 times
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