Create List of Items from Comments Contend

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Create List of Items from Comments Contend

Postby ElectricCars » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:33 am

Hello everybody,

i currently faced with a problem to get a list of items (Defects, Issue, Task) which where shifted to another development group.

All corresponding Items have a Keyword in one of there comment titles e.g. "-> XYZ".

Any idea how to do this ?

Thanks in advance.

With best regards

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Re: Create List of Items from Comments Contend

Postby smarty » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:16 pm

Hello O.Kern,

you can build a query in the work item table view:
//YOURSERVER/polarion/#/project/YOURPROJECTID/workitems?query=type:(defect task) AND comments.title:(\-> XYZ)

and then either copy the query part of the URL
type:(defect task) AND comments.title:(\-> XYZ)
from your browser's address bar
or convert it to text in the query builder menu
for further use in a widget or a wiki code

Help topics:
- Constructing Queries Graphically
- Advanced Work Item Querying (Lucene syntax and Polarion field ids)

Regards, Martin
My environment: Polarion ALM 2016 SR2 on Windows Server 2012,
Polarion-JIRA Connector to JIRA 7.x

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