referenced work items

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referenced work items

Postby chammerl » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:40 pm

Hi all
Maybe someone can help.
Is there any kind of unique feature for referenced work items in a branched document with which i can adress/retrieve such a workitem as element of a branched document in a report?
Example scenario:
1) You branch a document for a new release, using most of the old workitems and adding some new ones.
2) Thus the branched document contains both referenced and new workitems of the same type.
3) The tracings to some or all workitems (both referenced and new) are set.
4) Reusing the document instead of branching is not an option.

So far, when I created a traceability report which should only return the traced workitems of this distinct document, any traceability report returned only the tracings for the new work items, thereby completely ignoring the tracings to the referenced work items.

There must be a way that such a report adresses all traced workitems of a branched document being referenced or not.
Whether the solution for this problem is a configuration step, a macro function or a wiki script doesn't matter as long as there is one at hand.

thanks and best regards

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Re: referenced work items

Postby smarty » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:07 pm

Hello Chris,

there is a "Referenced Work Items" wiki/velocity macro on the extensions site for collecting all referenced wi of a specified document in an array.
Then you could check those for traces.

Another hint is here about using the method getAllWorkItems() in IModule

Regards, Martin
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