Anchor links jumping to project home page

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Anchor links jumping to project home page

Postby thomasVA » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:14 pm

Hi all,

I'm new to polarion and getting stuck on an early script I'm trying out:
(scope: using a 'script' block from a LivePage).

I'm trying to use html anchor links to create a hyperlink to a section on the same page like this:

Code: Select all

<a href="#myanchor">description of the target</a>
where I want the link and

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<a id="myanchor"></a>
near the target

When I test the link I get the following behavior:
1. the page does indeed jump to the correct section of the page (so far so good)
2. immediately after the page jumps to the project home page (.../polarion/#/home)

I think the last action occurs because the link is pointing to an non-existing address: ".../polarion/#myanchor" according to my browser.

Any thoughts on how I get behavior 2 not to occur?

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