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Invoke Action manually

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:05 am
by r.phil

With the "InvokeAction" function, it is possible to invoke status change of document workitems automatically, during DOCUMENT status change.
Is it possible to invoke such a status change of document workitems MANUALLY?
I would like to have a link in a wiki content of some documents, that invokes such a status change just by klicking on it.
Example: Workitems of type "requirement" in status "initial" are changed to status "inreview" (with Workitem action "send_to_review"). This can be implemented with following action function parameters for "InvokeAction":

Parameter for: InvokeAction
(Name Value)
query type:requirement AND status:initial
statusId inreview
actionId send_to_review

--> How can I do this manually / by klicking on a link inside a document?