Table with WI count per document

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Table with WI count per document

Postby fbachmann » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:00 pm

I'd like to create a table containing a list of documents (their titles) and the number of workitems each of them contains, either for a given project or across the whole repository.

Any pointers? Widgets should be enough, but I'm clueless how to count on a query containing a variable (the document id)...

Thanks in advance for any guidance

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Re: Table with WI count per document

Postby AmayB » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:52 am

Maybe with an Inline Count Widget per Document?
Do you want something like this?

Code: Select all

<span class="polarion-rp-inline-widget" data-widget="com.polarion.countOfObjects">
  <span class="polarion-rp-widget-parameters">
    <sub id="dataSet">
      <sub id="prototype">WorkItem</sub>
      <sub id="queryType">sql</sub>
      <sub id="sqlColumnsQuery"></sub>
      <sub id="sqlTablesQuery">inner join MODULE on MODULE.C_URI = WORKITEM.FK_URI_PROJECT
--specify additional joins between tables</sub>
      <sub id="sqlRestQuery">--define your search criteria, 'group by' statements, etc.
    <sub id="before">Work Items in DOCUMENTNAME:</sub>
    <sub id="after"></sub>

Just change DOCUMENTNAME with the name of each of your documents name. If you want an only widget, you can copy/paste this code as often as needed in a single Script.

Hope it helps


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