How to create the topmost header WI in newly created document from Python?

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How to create the topmost header WI in newly created document from Python?

Postby akamentz » Tue May 03, 2016 12:12 pm

Using suds SOAP client from Python you can create a new document in Polarion by calling the appropriate API function defined in wsdl file, e.g. "createDocument()" or "createModule()", possibly with some HTML text as well.
However the newly created document does not contain any position that can be saved as WorkItem yet, and the API function creating WorkItems inside the document: "createWorkItemInModule()" requires the URI of item's parent for each WorkItem to create.
In the Java version of the same function it is allowed to pass null in place of parentURI, in which case the topmost WI (document heading) will be created. Then, you can create all further (children) WIs in the document.
But when calling the same function through SOAP client from Python it is not possible to pass null as parentURI. The server response ist always "IllegalArgumentException: URI scheme null is not subterra".

My question:
How to create the topmost WorkItem in a document using SOAP client from Python?

The same problem applies to another API function that should list WorkItems in a document: "getModuleWorkItems()". You need to pass parentURI for the items to read. Again, Java version allows to pass null in this place in order to get all WIs. But it is impossible with SOAP client from Python exactly as described above.

Any solution to this problem?

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