[Wikipages] Velocity Macros with return values?

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[Wikipages] Velocity Macros with return values?

Postby ALMighty » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:54 am

Hi guys!

I recently discovered a cool thing, which is invoking macros from other wikipages pages and even from other projects! Which means you can store and maintain many macros at just one place! :o

I wondered if it is possible to create macro with a return value (you know, like a Java method with return values) or something similar to a method? Because then it would max out the feature of invoking "remote" macros to the fullest. :D

My workaround which I use :idea: :
If I have defined a macro which calculates the difference between two dates (in days), and
the (intermediate) result is stored in the variable $diff_days in the macro, then I have to
initiate the variable $diff_days also in the wikipage in which I want to use the logic of this
mentioned macro.

However can I do something like this: $diff_days = $macro_which_does_the_magic() ? :?:
I found nothing helpful concerning this in the Velocity User Guide.
Playing a good game is never lame. :D

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