addTestRecord misses "executed" Date and Duration (.NET via WebService)

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addTestRecord misses "executed" Date and Duration (.NET via WebService)

Postby ibb » Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:18 am


we are working against an Polarion System via .NET using the WebService.
Many Things are working already :-)

Now, we managed to add TestRecords to Test runs using the "addTestRecord" method.
Soon we found out, that as well the "executed" Date as well as the "Duration" Information was not available, checking the elemtn in the Repository Browser.

After several checks ( Java.utul.calendar <---> System.DateTime conversion, caluclating "Ticks" etc..)
we used "Fiddler" and found out, that from the client machine These two field are not even SENT to the WebService at all!

Has anybody any idea,
why - probably only in .NET? - this Attributes of the TestRecord are not being sent?

Thanks for any hint!


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Re: addTestRecord misses "executed" Date and Duration (.NET via WebService)

Postby DirkR » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:44 pm

I had the same issue with a C# application today and (although the original question is a bit old) I want to share my resolution. The executed timestamp is only transmitted, if the executedSpecified attribute is also set to true:

Code: Select all

testRecord.executed = DateTime.Now;
testRecord.executedSpecified = true;

I didn't test it with duration, but there is a durationSpecified attribute as well.

Best regards,

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