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deleted objects are not removed from database

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:45 am
by andep

by creating a diagram which indicates the number of requirements in the last weeks the following problem occurs:
When I count the existing requirements in the current revision the right number will be displayed but in the diagram a lot more requirements are counted. It turned out, after going back to an older baseline, that additional to the existing requirements about 800 requirements appears which can't be viewed. In the requirement list only the information "you cannot view this object" is seen. The number of existing requirements and the requirements which can't be viewed result in the number which is displayed in the diagram. I guess that these requirements were deleted but that they are still saved in the POLARION database. And every time an other requirement is deleted the number of can't viewed objects rises and simultaneously the number of existing requirements in the diagram rises.

How can these requirements can be removed so that they won't be considered after they were deleted?

I hope that I described the problem clear enough...
Thanks for your help in advance!

Re: deleted objects are not removed from database

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:25 am
by NickEntin

unfortunately my remark will be - what you described is not clear :-)

What database you're speaking about? There is historical database, which keeps all history of all objects (e.g. if you deleted a requirement from actual product, it doesn't mean that this requirement was not implemented in the past, and when you open baseline for the earlier version of the product, you have to see this requirement).

As you know Polarion is based on versioning of data, i.e. it's never flashed out of the data - it's only marked as deleted. And this is core principle of the product (ensured traceability, audibility to know what/when appeared/deleted by whom, etc.).

I also didn't understand what diagram you refer.

I guess you're querying the database incorrectly (i.e. in head or pinned revision requirements which were not defined by that time won't appear in result). I'd recommend to contact your sales manager to get in touch with Professional Services, who could definitely help you.
Alternatively you can post your script/query here. You should understand that probability to find a quick solution might be limited on the forum.

Best regards,

Re: deleted objects are not removed from database

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:57 am
by andep
thanks for your answer.
I guess that it is a problem with the historical database. The diagram is not the main issue it just made me see the error, so I think it won’t help if I share the query. But I try to explain the problem different by means of an example:
At a timepoint x I had 1000 workitems in POLARION and I set a baseline. After some days (at a timepoint y) 50 workitems of the first 1000 have been deleted and no new have been created, so I have 950 workitems in POLARION. For this timepoint I also create a baseline. At a timepoint z (no workitems have been deleted or created) I step back to timepoint x toview the workitems I had at this timepoint and the number of workitems is 1000. But the workitems I deleted between the timepoints x and y are marked by the string “You cannot view this object”. When I step back to timepoint y I also have 1000 workitems instead of 950. But 50 of them have the string “You cannot view this object”. Only at my current timepoint the right amount of workitems is displayed (950).
I hope this example makes the issue clearer…

As far as I understand the versioning of data the amount of workitems that have to be displayed at the different timepoints have to be:
timepoint x: 1000
timepoint y: 950
timepoint z: 950
And at timepoint x I have to be able to see the deleted workitems, too and not only a quote which says that there was a workitem but I can’t view it anymore. Or do I have a lack of understanding here?

Re: deleted objects are not removed from database

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:03 am
by sergeD

And at timepoint x I have to be able to see the deleted workitems, too and not only a quote which says that there was a workitem
Correct, and yes, you should be able to see in the baseline the 50 deleted items . I do ..
If the WI was not in the baseline ( eg. in the given revision), you will get the message "work item does not exist", in your case" you are not able to access the object"
Then, i don't have the answer, but i suspect a permission configuration..