Increase packetSize for AJP on CentOs

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Increase packetSize for AJP on CentOs

Postby vladt » Wed Sep 23, 2015 5:24 pm

Hi ,
Starting from the com.polarion.example.formextension example from the SDK, and playing around on that code I ran into different behaviours depending on the machine OS that is running the Polarion ( Build:

A htmlpanel.config file is sent to be rendered on the output file. Something like this:
Velocity.evaluate(velocityContext, response.getWriter(),
"MinimalInterface", loadPageTemplate("htmlpanel.config"));

If the size of the file is less then 8k , the page is rendered fine and behaves properly. ( CentOs / Windows)

If the size of htmlpanel.config is greater than 8k , on Centos displays the actual HTML code , guarded by <pre> tag , and with extra header:
<link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" href="resource://gre-resources/plaintext.css" title="Wrap Long Lines">.

On Windows it seems to work ok , display & behaviour.

So far, from what I have investigated , the root cause is the default value of packetSize from the AJP . ( By default is set to 8k , it can be extended to 64k).

Q: How can I modify the settings of the Tomcat used by Polarion ? On a default Tomcat installation the modification would have been done in server.xml. On the Polarion setup is not clear to me if I am allowed to modify this value / how to do it.

Q: It is not clear to me why it works on Windows , and not on Centos. ( At least in theory , should be same default values / same behaviour).

Both installation were made using the documentation provided online , step by step, I have not altered the default configs.
CentOs 6.6 , httpd-2.2.15-39.el6.centos.x86_64
Windows 7 , Apache provided by Polarion install

Thank you.

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