Test Record(s) Display

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Test Record(s) Display

Postby kaitlyn.opperman » Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:46 pm

This is a two part question about features of the Test Record items that are associated with a particular Test Case.

Firstly, is there any way to customize the display of the Test Record within the Test Run viewer or within the containing Test Case?
For example, it would be very convenient if when viewed within a Test Case under the "Test Records" section heading the Test Record shown included the date the Test Record was created. This information is available in the Test Run when viewing the Test Records through the "Actions > Test Run Records," so it must be accessible somehow.
Of even more use would be to display the revision of the Test Case that the Test Record is against. It is possible to have a "historic" Test Record that is run against a fixed revision of the test steps. We go the the version we wish to run against using the history button, then select the appropriate Test Run, "Start Test Case", then run the specific revision steps as normal. The Test Record shows the specific revision steps and if you click the title link, the Test Case will open at the fixed revision, it just doesn't display the revision.

Secondly, is there any way to modify the "Test Records" display section within the Test Case work item to have different numbers in the selection drop down box?
This section will currently display the last 1, 5, or 10 records. A request has been made to allow this to show "all" Test Records for the associated Test Case. Is this possible, or is that expected to place too great a strain on the server/query engine?

We are using Polarion ALM 2013 (Build:

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Re: Test Record(s) Display

Postby mvondra » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:29 pm

I am working on some customization of Test Run Template for overview of tests.
As for some metadata about tests you can use Polarion API
https://polarion.corp.netsuite.com/pola ... kItem.html

For instance revision cen be obtained via method getRevision() to display the revision of any WorkItem.

See snippet of the code for Wiki:

#set ( $allTestRecords = $testRun.getAllRecords() )
#set ($failedTests = [])
#set ($passedTests = [])
#set ($blockedTests = [])

#foreach($testRecord in $allTestRecords)
#set ( $testcase = $testRecord.getTestCase() )
#set ( $iconUrl = $testcase.getProperty("uri") )
#set ( $testTitle = $testcase.getTitle() )
#set ( $result = $testRecord.getResult().getName() )
#if ($result.equals("Failed"))
#elseif ($result.equals("Passed"))

#macro(displayTestRunResults $listName $testsList )
1.1.1 $listName
#foreach($testRecord in $testsList)
#set ( $testcase = $testRecord.getTestCase() )
#set ( $iconUrl = $testcase.getProperty("uri") )
#set ( $testTitle = $testcase.getTitle() )
#set ( $result = $testRecord.getResult().getName() )
<td>{workitem:$testcase.getId()| display=long}</td>

#displayTestRunResults("Passed Tests Result" $passedTests )
#displayTestRunResults("Failed Tests Result" $failedTests)
#displayTestRunResults("BlockedTests Result" $blockedTests)

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