Managing concurrent project versions

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Managing concurrent project versions

Postby eyalasko » Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:55 pm


How can one manage cocncurrently several versions of a project(=product), each with its own lifecycle (requirements and other artifacts history as well as baselines)

Product_1.0 is the base project from which Product_2.0 is derived but both continue to live concurrently (sort of SVN branch) so that:
Product_1.0 will have Req1 (original) in its 1st baseline (lets say 1.0.0), modified Req1 + Req 2 in its 2nd baseline (1.0.1) then..
Product_2 is derived from the latest Product_1 (head revision) and has its own Req100 (original) in its 1st baseline (2.0.0) and Req100 (modified)+Req101 in its 2nd baseline (2.0.1) then..
Product_1 is modified again by adding Req3 and tagging it as baseline 1.1.

[I hope that the example is not too confusing] :roll:

Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Managing concurrent project versions

Postby pitzalis » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:25 pm

I resolved that problem creating a new custom Work Item named "Requirements Baseline" that models the different Baseline versions of my product. A new custom link role "is baseline of" links the Requirements Baseline to all Requirements that defines the well defined set of functionalities and characteristics of a particular product version. If I have to change a requirement from Baseline 1.0.0 to Baseline 1.1.0, I will create a new Requirement that replace the old one in Baseline 1.1.0 (the Baseline 1.0.0 still links the old requirement). The new and old requirments are linked together with the new custom link role "evolves from". All Requirements Baselines are available in the Polarion project and could evolves indipendetly.

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