Help using Junit test in polarion

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Help using Junit test in polarion

Postby ffrumento » Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:33 pm

Hi all,

I've a project with some Junit test classes inside, i would like to have the test and coverage reports working in polarion, but the documentation is not helping me, here the current situation,

1) the project is a "Tracker project for SW development with QA"

2) I've already uploaded the source code with the Junit classes

3) I've configured and successfully run a build

4) Source code metrics works fine, and Junit classes are in the metrics as well

5) If i run update in the Tests topic i get the error "No tester found for project:" in the monitor view

And now the question:

1) How to have the Tester configured and running ?

Thanks in advance for any help

Fabio Frumento

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