Query for Workitems which have no backlink

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Query for Workitems which have no backlink

Postby DreiBaer » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:11 am


I'm trying to create a QUery to show only these Workitems, which have no backlink to other workitems. Can anyone help me to do so?

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Re: Query for Workitems which have no backlink

Postby Jürgen » Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:44 am

Hello, DreiBaer

in fact for backlinked search the button "none" is not available.

But you can use a wildcard search to at least search for specific links and negate them with NOT. So you can for example search for items which are not backlinked in the same project. If your project prefix is ABC, you could for example search for

NOT backlinkedWorkItems:ABC*

Background: Polarion does not store links and backlinks, it only stores links, i.e. one direction only. They normally go from the child to the parent in a hierarchy. So if you have a design and a test under the design, then the test object stores the link to the design.

For the design item this is a backlink, as it points "back" in the hierarchy. But the design item does not store it, so it has no "direct" information about its children. When the design item is shown, then the children are computed in the background when the work item is loaded. When you create a link you could have a look into the history of the linked items to see what I mean. Thus searching for backlinks is more complicated than searching for links.


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Re: Query for Workitems which have no backlink

Postby fbachmann » Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:47 am

Addendum: according to the Polarion help on querying, you can restrict your query to specific link roles.

Example from Polarion help, which I'm guessing should return anything DPP-167612 is linking to, together with anything that implements the (supposed) feature DPP-157244:

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backlinkedWorkItems:(DPP-167612 implements=DPP-157244)

I've used this with the "star" wildcard instead of numerical, eg. to find requirements which don't have linked test cases (link role "verifies") in my project:

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type:Requirement AND NOT backlinkedWorkItems:verifies=<projectprefix>*

And yes, I believe this should be part of the built-in standard queries...

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