Link Role across projects

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Link Role across projects

Postby DreiBaer » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:33 pm


I have two projects. One for containing the requirements from the customer and the market. And another for containing the requirements I found for my products.
Therefore, I have marketRequirements (in the first project) and systemRequirements (in the second project).

In the second project I have configured this:

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    <option id="refines" name="refines" oppositeName="is refined by" sortOrder="3">
        <rule from="systemRequirement" to="marketRequirement"/>

And now: I cannot create a link between a systemRequirement and a marketRequirement. I can create the link when I remove the rule. But this is not what I want. :?:

Do I have to define the marketRequirement and the systemRequirement on global-scope? Or is the another solution which I don't see?

Best Regards

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Re: Link Role across projects

Postby Jürgen » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:24 pm

Hello DreiBaer

I cannot tell you the exact solution, but I can give you several hints. We are using global link roles and therefore have no problems with that kind of handling. But even with global link roles there are some limitations.

First you should check the help and search for "Links using the opposite Link Role". There you can e.g. learn that backlinks can only be edited from one direction (across projects). So it might be possible that you can only create your link role from the logical child item (your system req.) and not from the side of the logical parent (your market req.). This is even true for global link roles.

It might also be necessary to create the rule for the link role in both projects to have access from both sides.

You did not tell us the exact behavior when you "cannot create a link". Does it mean you get an error message, or is the link role not offered in the dialog? Maybe it works with the quick link symbols (the infinity signs in a table view).

That you can create the link without the rule probably means that there is no rule at all for those two types and therefore all is allowed.

And last not least: the person to create the link needs write access for the child project, i.e. your system requirements, because the link is stored in the child item.


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Re: Link Role across projects

Postby micdal » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:43 pm


we use linking between different projects and the only way I found of doing so, is to define the Work Item types in both projects.


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Re: Link Role across projects

Postby DreiBaer » Mon Mar 23, 2020 6:03 am


thanks to both of you! So quick the answers.

Oh, I'm sorry for the not complete error information. The message I got was: "Selected role is not allowed by link rules." The Link Role was offered. But storage was not possible.

This was also my thought. But at least not the solution I want to offer.

My solution for now is:
Create the Workitem-Types in the global repo and the link role in the logical child project (my System-Reqs).

Thanks for helping.

Best Reagards

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