Test Run Overview Customization

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Test Run Overview Customization

Postby kaitlyn.opperman » Wed May 21, 2014 12:43 pm

We are using Polarion ALM 2013 SR3.

We would like to classify our tests as verification of requirements, hardware setup, or software setup. Right now, the default tools would allow us to customize the test results to have a set like {passed, failed, blocked, hw, sw, na}, but this becomes fairly cumbersome on the screen and doesn't really apply to all test steps, only the final manual test result.

We have also tried adding a custom field called context {requirement, hardware, software}, which can be used to display graphs based only on one type of test group. The {testrun-overview} wiki macro is a very nice start, but we would like to split this breakdown further by context. The goal would be to have either multiple sets of buttons and graphs, or at least separate button for hw/sw setup specific activities. However, to re-do the graph and buttons that Polarion already provides seems a large and fully duplicated effort.

1. Is it possible to have the test steps use one set of results {pass, fail, blocked} and have the test use another {passed, failed, blocked, hw, sw, na}?

2. Is it possible to modify the {testrun-overview} macro to filter on a custom field for the buttons in addition to the status? The buttons work great if you want everything, but it would be nice to have "Passed" only show "Passed AND requirement test." Where is this macro defined, (if available to view at all)?

3. Is there a better way to group tests than a custom field? The help file mentions a Group ID, but this seems to be used for importing results rather than splitting results within the same test run.

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