How to get all facts by key

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How to get all facts by key

Postby hseifert » Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:41 am


I try to write a macro for the high charts. This should display all facts from a workitem metric key. Unfortunately, I'm stuck.

This is a snippet from my workitem-metrics.xml.

Code: Select all

   <label>Defects by Status</label>
      Rate of Defects having the given status
   <value type="distribution">
      <query id="new" label="New">type:defect AND status:new</query>
      <query id="accepted" label="Accepted">type:defect AND status:(accepted planned reopened)</query>
      <query id="inprogress" label="In Progress">type:defect AND status:(inprogress inclarification)</query>
      <query id="resolved" label="Resolved">type:defect AND status:(resolved checkable)</query>

At the moment I didn't find a method to get all 4 facts by the key. I only get all facts on my wiki page:

Code: Select all

#set($factBaseRepository = $polarionTool.factBaseRepository)
   #set($factBase = $factBaseRepository.loadFactBase("workitems-trend-data", $trackerProjectId, null, false))
   #set($facts = $factBase.listFacts())
   #foreach($fact in $facts)
   #error("Failed to load fact base repository.")

Does anybody have an idea?

Kind regards,
Kind regards.


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