Best practice for multiple Assignees to a WI

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Best practice for multiple Assignees to a WI

Postby martins » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:37 pm

When it's necessary to assign a Workitem to two people (e. g. a developer and a tester, or a designer) it's possible to use the field "Assignee" and select those two (or more) people. But how do you indicate who's responsible for what? E. g. in Workitem WI-1 user "Adam" should be developer and user "Bob" should be tester while in WI-2 user "Bob" is developer and user "Adam" is tester.

1. You could define tasks, linked to the WI's and assign each user an individual task, descriping what to do.
=> handling gets more complicated and it produces lot's of Workitems, bad for filtering and traceability

2. You could use an additional textfield in the WI to describe what you expect the users to do (e. g.: "Adam->developer, Bob->tester").
=> fault-prone. Editor may forget to edit this field, not possible to filter e. g. all WI's where developer=Adam

3. You could use two custom fields (one to select the developer and one to select the tester) instead of using the field "Assignee".
=> good handling, but no possibility to use email notifications (custom fields can't be used as targets for notifications)

If you've got more ideas, please let me know.


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Re: Best practice for multiple Assignees to a WI

Postby mathiaskrause » Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:42 pm

Our current solution for that is:

- Create a custom text field, where the desired work-flow of this item is matched to persons. Developper -> Tester -> Project Manager names
- Then, we use the assignee field, only to assign one person, and if one finished his work, he can select next assignee ...

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Re: Best practice for multiple Assignees to a WI

Postby NickEntin » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:59 am


we're considering to implement custom field of type 'user', which would simplify the story dramatically.

In current practice internally we do following:
- for complicated things (like UserStories): there is one responsible - supervisor, central point of contact, etc.
- the userstory is divided to many tasks, which are assigned to different individuals. For the case, like you mentioned, UserStory "I as a user want to..." will be assigned to somebody, while subtasks Change Request, Defect, etc. to "developer", UI tasks - to "designer", TestCases to "tester"

- for simple things (like team work, where responsibilities are changed often), we allow multiassignment, and team agrees who to leave there after concrete task is started by someone or by pair.

Best regards,

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Re: Best practice for multiple Assignees to a WI

Postby keith.roseberry » Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:33 pm

Our approach is similar to mathiaskrause, in that we've defined a custom enumeration that contains all of our users. We've built custom workflow actions to set the assignee appropriately based on the custom fields tied to the user enumeration.

Nick, the custom field of type 'user' would be a great addition to Polarion! Even more so if it could be constrained by project, global role and/or project role. In one of our scenarios, we would need to identify who the Software Quality Assurance Engineer is for a particular event (formal peer review, usually). The user field to identify the SQAE should be constrained to allow only those users who are assigned to the global "QA" role, or to the project "QA" role, if one is defined. We want to avoid as much as possible having someone assign a SQAE who is not responsible for that particular project, or even worse - assign a non SQAE to that role, which is a violation of independence in our organization and will raise questions during audits.


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