Howto use TreeExportConfiguration(IPObjectTree tree,

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Howto use TreeExportConfiguration(IPObjectTree tree,

Postby bt_roke » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:09 pm

Hello all

Howto use TreeExportConfiguration(IPObjectTree tree, or how to export an xml file generated out of workitem data?

How do I use the API methode(s)

TreeExportConfiguration(IPObjectTree tree, java.lang.String query, java.lang.String charset, java.util.List fields, IExportTemplate template, java.util.Map params)

TreeExportConfiguration treeExpConf = new TreeExportConfiguration(tree, "my query", "UTF-8", fields, null, null);
IPObjectTree queriedTree = treeExpConf.getWorkItemTree();

in order to generate a export xml file in a servlet out of the queried tree?
What are the parameter of the Constuctor TreeExportConfiguration?

IPObjectTree tree: null or an nulled IPObjectTree object?
java.lang.String query: rather clear, I hope
java.lang.String charset: if UTF-8 or so, what would be encoded in this charset?
java.util.List fields: I guess the fields to export, will this be a list of String with the field ids?
IExportTemplate template: no idea what this would be?
java.util.Map params: no idea what this would be?

Possibly the TreeExportConfiguration is not the methode to use. What would be a better solution?

The use case is:

Query workitems as a tree, extract information out of the queried workitem tree, generate an xml file from the information including tree structure and send it to the client (servlet).

Can anyone provide/post code snippet that show how to use the API?



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