Release maintenance WorkItems

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Release maintenance WorkItems

Postby bernhara » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:18 pm

I'm wondering what is a good way to manage the maintenance of a software release.

For example, I released the version V1.0.0 a some software and I would like to have a separate WorkItems place where I manage all the workitems related to the maintenance (bugs, small evols, task, ...) of V1.0.0, independently for the build process of the V2.x.x.

What I did...

I created a UserStory called "Maintenance of V1" and I created all maintenance activities (bug corrections, enhancements, task) as childs of this root WI (with role "implements").

This let me create a synthetic Wiki page, reflecting all the maintenance activity of my V1 version.

Question 1: is this a good approach?
I was wondering if a Module would not be best suited, but I don't have a good enough understanding of modules to answer this question by myself.

If my approach is not too bad, I have a second question, which is technical.

In my Wiki, I would like to display all the WIs which are child of my "root WI".

Question 2: What should I write into my Wiki page to get all this child WIs (as the standard table view is able to do)?

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