How to setup an eclipse project

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How to setup an eclipse project

Postby matthias.koester » Fri Mar 24, 2006 3:36 pm


We are currently evaluating Ploarion Enterprise Edition and talready created a demo project (in path test/DEMO). Then we uploaded an eclipse projects to the projects directory with the subclipse plugin, the layout looks like:

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Then we added the following components.xml file to the project:

<component id="com.maschinenstuermer.eclipse.jdo.metadata">


<source-folders-ref id="com.maschinenstuermer.eclipse.jdo.metadata/src"/>




and uploaded it to Polarion. Now we assumed that this component shows up somewhere on the project portlet, but we can't see it. Is it perhaps necessary to add a build decsription as well? And to what degree does Polarion support eclipse projects? Does is support plugin projects with dependencies to other plugins? We already tried to use the Mevenide eclipse plugin, but it doesn't sem to work with the latest eclipse version 3.2M5. And it looks like they're concentrating on supporting maven 2... BTW, when do you plan to support maven 2?

Matthias Köster
Head of Development, Gentleware AG

Stepan Roh
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Postby Stepan Roh » Tue Apr 04, 2006 9:42 am


Component definition is used in source code metrics (topic Metrics) and Maven reports (topic Reports) to provide per-component information. Those are recalculated when jobs "Source Code Metrics Refresh" and "Maven Reports Refresh" are run (see topic Monitor and project administration). They are not used anywhere else.

It is not necessary to add build description - source folders are auto-recognized for Eclipse projects.

Support for Eclipse projects is limited to metrics and reports - building of such projects is not supported (unless you provide build script for Ant, Maven 1 project definition or external build script).

Polarion does not differentiate between various Eclipse projects (being it plain projects, plugins, etc.) nor does it traverse dependencies - for metrics and reports it is not relevant.

You can build Maven 2 projects by using external build script definition in polarion-build.xml (but it is not as nice as Maven 1 support).

Maven 2 support and full support for Eclipse projects is planned for next major release.

Hope I answered all your questions.
Stepan Roh
Polarion Software

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