Configure Time Points for Iterations andReleases

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Configure Time Points for Iterations andReleases

Postby SeanLaughlin » Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:24 pm


We are using a SCRUM process and have planned multiple iterations (1-10) as the scope for Release1. I added Time Points for each Iteration and assigned User Stories to appropriate Iteration. How do I define what Release1 as a Time Point, so I can use the Live Map and other built in Planning/PM features?



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Re: Configure Time Points for Iterations andReleases

Postby NickEntin » Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:55 am

Hi Sean,

I'm not absolutely sure I've understood your request.
Polarion doesn't allow to assing an item to 2 time points at once (e.g. you can't assign item to be done in Iteration1 AND in Release1).
But as long you do the short-term planning, the achievement of Release1 will succeed or fail anyway :-)

My recommendation (this is what we do internally):
- create a new custom field "Target release" of type enumeration and create an option there "Release 1"
- in Live Plan (I guess you meant that by Live Map) you may filter to schedule only items, assigned to iterations or/and have specified/any target release.

This custom field will allow you easily to find all relevant items by query as well as filter liveplan view even if you won't configure it (just apply filter to show Release1 items).

We should be posting new Scrum Release Board example soon on the POP site, which will present also the Release Burndown chart (covers many sprints).

Best regards,

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