Using Xunit file to import results back to Polarion

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Using Xunit file to import results back to Polarion

Postby girishyk » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:12 am


I am trying to use the Xunit file to import results backs to polarion as explained in ... Tools.html

and ... mtRef.html

But when i run the the xUnitFileImport job, i get some file errors.

Can you please share a working copy of xUnit file containing some test results related to the "Drive Pilot" project, that is given with the Polarion Demo tool? Also can you please share the code for xUnitFileImport job for the same?

The working copy of xUnit file which you will share, help us to map the correct parameters. For example in the sample xUnit file that is shared, there is no Work Item ID mentioned for the test cases, so its little confusing how the results are mapped back to respective test cases, just based on the name.

Secondly, in the example xUnit file given under ... mtRef.html.

there is only test case verdict. is there a provision to update the test step results and observed values using this method ? if so, please share the xUnit file format for the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Girish Y K.

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