PVCS Provider Mods & Fixes

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PVCS Provider Mods & Fixes

Postby kitzelh » Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:32 pm

I came across a few problems with the PVCS Provider of SVN Importer and fixed them in the code. See http://www.kitzkikz.com/MigratePVCStoSubversion for details and download.

  • Original prefetches all revisions of all files before creating the dump file. Fine if you are doing a full dump, but not during an incremental. Sort of defeats the purpose of an incremental if it takes just as long to run as a full. Fixed to only prefetch the files needed.
  • Original did nothing with PVCS promotion groups. Fixed to create tags for promotion groups (PVCSGroup_{name}).
  • Original placed the keywords and eol properties on the first revision, only. Also, did not include the "Header" keyword. Fixed to include "Header" and place properties on all revisions.

Download the modified files at http://kitzkikz.com/files/svn-importer-pvcs-mods.zip. Use at your own risk. You are on your own on how to get them into your copy of the SVN Importer. Hopefully, someone at Polarion will add these to the code repository for future use.

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