PVCS converter and shared code (external linkage)

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PVCS converter and shared code (external linkage)

Postby marzahld » Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:22 pm

I finally got all of our PVCS archives to convert to subversion with 1 issue. The converter seems incapable of recognizing a linked file (source file which is shared between 2 projects). These are called Imports by PVCS, and I would like for these to appear as SVN External links. Instead, what we end up with is that the linked copy actually gets its own historical copy of the file. I guess I can recreate all the links manually in SVN, but in our case there is quite a bit of shared files. Any advice here would be great. Maybe I will try to get a copy of the java source and see if this can be added easily.

I have a couple of tips for those doing this:
1) make sure and use "disable_cleanup=yes" so you can edit the intermediate file "vlog.tmp" and rerun. Watch out for occurrences of more than 35 dashes in a comment or description. It may be looking at the equal signs as well. This will cause failures before getting to the dump file stage
2) I had several dump load failures. Import your dump files manually, and use " --bypass-prop-validation". This will allow non-ascii in your comments (notably crlf's). I'm not sure if there is a downfall to doing this or not, but I don't think there is.

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