PVCS -> SVN configuration file error

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PVCS -> SVN configuration file error

Postby elsergiator » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:30 am

Hi all,

i'm trying to migrate PVCS 8.3 to SVN using Polarion tools, but I'm getting an error when creating the dump files.

The error doesn't make much sense since it happens "suddently": Dump is created correctly at the beginning of the process, but at some point, for some files, it starts outputting the following error:

08:37:03,966 [stderr] INFO Exec:84 - Error: [myjavafile.java]: Serena PVCS Version Manager could not open the configuration file [existing config.cfg file].

It tries to unluckily access the file 8 times, and then moves to the following.

The final result is that I get 0 byte length files when importing into SVN.

It doesn't seem to have any common pattern in the files throwing the error, there's size in the disk, memory, SVN tools configuration are set to the recommended defaults, ...

Any thoughts about this? Any help would reaaally be appreciated.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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Re: PVCS -> SVN configuration file error

Postby marzahld » Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:03 pm

Not sure if this your problem, but I am currently converting a PVCS archive and have overcome several issues along the way.

Be sure to turn on "disable_cleanup=yes" in the config file, it will leave behind vlog.tmp and files.tmp which will be picked up and used on next run. This will give you the opportunity to comb through the vlog.tmp file to find and fix the problem in the intermediate files.

In my case, I had 2 problems before the dump files got created successfully. 1) there were about 30 files with broken linkage which I had to first delete from PVCS (this was listed in svnimporter.log). 2) If someone puts more than 35 dashes (i.e --------- x 35) in a comment or a description for a file it will seriously confuse the importer as it uses these as a key when parsing vlog.tmp. I ended up searching for occurrences of more than 35 dashes and converting them to something else in the vlog.tmp file and then re-running it to fix the issue. You could also fix them directly in PVCS and rerun the whole thing, but I had over 80 instances of this.

Good luck, and I hope you don't get stuck where I am right now. The importer seems to not be capable of recognizing linked files (pvcs calls these import files, and they should be converted to SVN External links I believe).

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Re: PVCS -> SVN configuration file error

Postby anil.india2020 » Fri May 15, 2015 10:13 pm


Currently I am doing migration from PVCS to SVN , but i am getting error in the config file itself. Please let me know which path i have to give.
Here i have given actual pvcs server path but i am doing migration from different machine.

14:51:04,429 [main] INFO SvnAdminConfig:84 - path_not_exist signature = "non-existent in that revision"
14:51:04,429 [main] INFO historyLogger:84 - mode: create full dump
14:51:04,429 [main] INFO historyLogger:84 - src provider: class org.polarion.svnimporter.pvcsprovider.PvcsProvider
14:51:04,429 [main] INFO historyLogger:84 - creating full svn model...
14:51:04,429 [main] INFO Exec:84 - exec pcli.exe run ->c:/temp/local/pvcs.tempdir/files.tmp -q listversionedfiles -pr/ -idaniln:ChangeMe123$ -l -z /
14:51:04,882 [stderr] INFO Exec:84 - Serena ChangeMan Version Manager (PCLI) v8.1.4.0 (Build 464) for Windows NT/80x86
14:51:04,882 [stderr] INFO Exec:84 - Copyright 1985-2007 Serena Software. All rights reserved.
14:51:04,960 [stdout] INFO Exec:84 - 14:51:04 May.15.15 [Error]
14:51:04,960 [stdout] INFO Exec:84 - The project root could not be loaded: "/serverpath/DecisionTreeToolpvcs.subproject=".
14:51:04,960 [stdout] ERROR PvcsExec:96 - wrong project path
14:51:05,038 [main] DEBUG Exec:80 - Process exit value: -3

any suggestion will be really helpful. or please paste your config file details that would be really helpful.

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