CVSNT and SVNImporter


CVSNT and SVNImporter

Postby mbools » Wed Nov 23, 2005 1:41 pm

I thought I'd give SVNImporter a try and import a moderate sized CVS repository. As it happens we are using CVSNT rather than CVS, so my problem may be down to that, however here ar ethe details.

Firstly I kept running out of memory. I now allocate 700Mb to the JVM and the importer runs through to the following error:

Code: Select all

11:00:12,864 [main]  INFO CvsProvider:84 - process module: Virtual modules on server (CVSROOT/modules file)

11:00:12,864 [main] DEBUG CvsProvider:80 - build cvs model

11:00:12,880 [main] DEBUG CvsProvider:80 - Execute command: rlog Virtual modules on server (CVSROOT/modules file)

11:00:14,083 [main]  INFO historyLogger:84 - EXCEPTION CAUGHT: org.polarion.svnimporter.cvsprovider.CvsException: failed to exec CVS log command
   at org.polarion.svnimporter.cvsprovider.CvsProvider.buildCvsModel(
   at org.polarion.svnimporter.cvsprovider.CvsProvider.buildSvnModel(
   at org.polarion.svnimporter.cvsprovider.CvsProvider.buildSvnModel(
   at org.polarion.svnimporter.main.Main.buildFullSvnModel(
   at org.polarion.svnimporter.main.Main.main(

11:00:14,083 [main] DEBUG CvsProvider:80 - cleanup

11:00:14,083 [main]  INFO historyLogger:84 - duration: 1441 seconds

I'm not sure whether this is related to running out of memory, or whether it is a problem running with CVSNT. Prior to this issue 34 revisions have been identified in the log and several thousand CVS versions have already been processed (I'll spare you the 445Mb log file :) ).

Any ideas?

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Postby dmcnicol » Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:34 pm

I am also having this problem, has anyone had this and got round it?

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Postby dobisekm » Wed Apr 19, 2006 1:08 pm

Hi dmcnicol,

I would suggest to increse the logging level so that you can see what command was executed to CVS and thus why it failed. It can be either that the CVS data or somehow corrupetd or that the CVS command generated some unexpected output.

I hope this helps,

Michal Dobisek
Polarion Software

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