VSS import fails. How can I build a version from trunk?

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VSS import fails. How can I build a version from trunk?

Postby dtrucken » Wed Oct 05, 2005 6:18 pm

I just tried to build from the trunk to see if I can get my VSS import to work (the stable version fails). After loading all the maven stuff, and running "maven dist", I end up with a jar file that fails when I try to run it like this:

C:\r>java -jar "svn-importer-1.1-SNAPSHOT(after-M6).jar" full config.properties
Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from svn-importer-1.1-SNAPSHOT(after-M6).jar

Are there some intructions for how to do the build that I've failed to follow?

The original problem in my VSS import is that the dump file created is corrupt. I have a file that is marked "change" even though it is the first time the file occurs. When I manually edit the dump file to say "add", then svnadmin load complains that the MD5 is wrong. When I correct that then svnadmin complains that it can't understand the instruction. Since the dump file is over 3GB, and my VSS repo probably contains much more gunk like this, I was hoping to fix the problem rather than exclude the file.

I want to compile up a version, set a breakpoint in my debugger and find the problem. Are there developer notes that could help me?

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