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Postby mubashir » Tue Jul 25, 2006 3:58 pm


I am quite new to SVN :cry: . I need some assistance in importing the legacy data from VAX (DCS) to SVN. I have data with old versions that goes back as far as 10 years and my goal is to import all the data with keeping the old 'dates'. When I was testing the SVN client and tried to import/load different version of the same data file - the SVN overrided the commit date with the system date.
I would like to use a script/tool to import data into SVN and keep the same file date attributes from VAX. (i.e. the file which was created in June 1, 2000 should have the same date in SVN).

Thanks a lot :D


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Postby dobisekm » Thu Dec 28, 2006 11:41 am

Hi Mubashir,

when importing data into SVN, you should use the SVN dump file instead of normally committing the data via client. The dump file can contain any dates and these are preserved when loaded into the repository. You can find out more by checking help for svnadmin dump and svnadmin load commands.

For generating the dumo file from your existing data, you might use the the SVNProvider from our importer, since it let's you easily create the dump file in programatic way. The importer has pluggable source providers (some are included in the distro - CVS, PVCS, VSS, etc) and the fixed SVN Provider, which is used by all the source providers to generate the dump file.

I hope this helps,


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