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cc "derived object version" are not imported

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:58 pm
by cl29
I am trying to export from cc to svn, but all "derived object version" file from cc are missed in subversion.
File listing clearcase:

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cc++>ct ls -long zstream.h
derived object version  zstream.h@@/main/1                    Rule: element * CP_EXPORT_TO_SVN_1

Data from cc.temp ("nobody" was used to keep the privacy)

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cc.tempdir>grep 'c++/zstream.h' *
history.txt:20041214.153957@@@include/cc++2/cc++/zstream.h@@@/main/1@@@checkin@@@!(CP_EXPORT_TO_SVN_1)@@@!@@@derived object version@@@nobody@@@new cc lib version@@@
history.txt:20041214.153921@@@include/cc++2/cc++/zstream.h@@@@@@mkelem@@@!@@@!@@@file element@@@nobody@@@new cc lib version@@@

Is there any workaround for this known, or anything which I missed in configuration?