cc2svn -> branches are incomplete

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cc2svn -> branches are incomplete

Postby jgeorgeson » Wed May 14, 2008 9:22 pm

We're looking at converting base ClearCase VOBs to SVN. We're using the 1.5-RC5 build of SVN from CollabNet as they have merge tracking which is something we need. We tried importing a small VOB using both svn-importer-1.1-M8 and svn-importer-1.1-SHAPSHOT, the dump files from each were the same size, I'm still waiting for diff to finish comparing them though. What we're finding, however, is that the branches don't have the complete repository, but on the files that had a branch of that brtype in ClearCase. So ultimately that branches that the importer has created are useless. In addition, but the current SmartSVN and the TortoiseSVN 1.5 RC only show revisions/tags of the branch I checked out. If I checkout trunk, my revision graph only shows trunk. If I checkout a branch, my revision graph doesn't show trunk. I confirmed with 'svn info' that what's in trunk and on the branch have the same UUID, so I believe that means it is correctly seen as a branch. So why would the revision graph not populate it?

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