Dumping into the same repository

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Dumping into the same repository

Postby Devilsbane » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:20 pm

I had some issues exporting from PVCS and ended up turning one repository into two dumps by modifying the files.tmp and vlog.tmp files after my initial dump failed. I essentially have files1.tmp files2.tmp vlog1.tmp and a vlog2.tmp files. This approach worked to create my dump files. I was able to load my first set of dump files into an SVN repository using svnadmin load C:\repo fulldump_xxxxxxxxxxx >>log.txt

When I tried to load my second set of dump files, I receive the errors "File already exists: filesystem C:\repo\db, transaction '25013-jat, path 'trunk'"

Please keep in mind that in my config I specified that the repository should not be cleared thinking this would allow me to just continue dumping into it, but what seems to be happening is that it didn't dump all of part 1 but wants to dump part 2 in starting with revision 1.

So how can I dump part 2 into part 1 by just incremental where part 1 left off? Was there a different setting I needed to use? Or a different command? Or should I dump part 2 into its own repository and then merge them somehow?


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