Migrating mutliple PVCS archives at one time

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Migrating mutliple PVCS archives at one time

Postby TracyO » Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:45 pm

I have successfully converted a project from PVCS to SVN, but my projects are setup in systems and a system can have multiple PVCS projects under it. Is there a way to do a wildcard for the sub project instead of typing in all the names?

System A\pvcs project 1\soucre
System A\pvcs project 2\source
System A\pvcs project 3\source

I want to convert the whole system at once. I don't want to run it separately for pvcs project 1, pvcs project 2, pvcs project 3.

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Re: Migrating mutliple PVCS archives at one time

Postby kencorbin » Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:43 pm

Basically, no. The svnimporter tool only does one project at a time.

My solution to this has been to write some scripts that do all of the tasks needed to run one project migration, which typically involves
1) Make a copy of a standard configuration file template changing the project source parameter
2) run the migration
3) scan the log file reporting any WARNING or ERROR conditions
4) Zip all of the generated dump files info one file
5) Transfer that file to the target subversion system
6) Unzip the files and run the svnadmin load on all of them, redirecting stdout to another log file
7) finally archiving all of the log files

This does take some doing. Once it is done, you can take your list of project that need to be migrated, and turn them into a command script file that runs the first command script once for each project to be migrated. Then let it rip.

Good luck,

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