Problems converting MKS to SVN

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Problems converting MKS to SVN

Postby schroeder » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:13 am


I try to convert an MKS project to SVN and get two problems:

  1. The month in the converted SVN repository is always January. Day, year and time are correctly converted from the MKS project dates, only the month is wrong. It seems to be a problem with the MKS export, because the month in the dumpfile is already wrong. Changing mks.log.datelocale and mks.log.encoding does not affect this behaviour.
  2. Some branched project revisions cannot be found as tags in the SVN repository and I cannot find any information about these revisions in the logfile or in the dumpfile. Changing mks.orphan.branches does not affect this behaviour.
Any ideas?

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Re: Problems converting MKS to SVN

Postby kencorbin » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:13 pm

The first problem results from the importer misinterpreting the revision date reported by the "si rlog" subcommand. So your first order of business should do do your own rlog command and see how that date is formatted.

There are two configuration parameters that determine how this is interpreted
mks.log.dateformat specifies the date format
mks.log.locale specifies the locale

These two are used to build a Java SimpleDateFormat object that is used to interpret the revision date. If you aren't a Java expert, you can find a simple description of how the format string is interpreted at,5.0 ... ormat.html

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