Skip selective Tags and Branches from CC to SVN Migration

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Skip selective Tags and Branches from CC to SVN Migration

Postby thamps » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:04 am


Is there any possible hack or workaround to migrate only selected set of branches and tags from CC to svn?

Currently, the migration is performed on all available streams and labels i suppose and because of that it is quite a time taking process.

It would be nice to perform a custom selection such that only selected streams be allowed to be migrated or something of that sort.

I am not very clear of the logic that svn importer performs the migration, but is this possible? Maybe a small hack to the code that helps getting some work like this?

Also with this, what would it be the right way to perform CC to SVN migration?
I have a single UCM project with multiple integration streams. I take the latest integration stream and create a view.
Then pass this view path to the importer, and this starts the migration.

Is this the correct method?


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Re: Skip selective Tags and Branches from CC to SVN Migratio

Postby kencorbin » Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:38 am

I'm not exactly sure how a CC migration is done, I've never done one myself.

If you are only interested in a small subset of the archived CC history, you might want to consider doing the migration manually. If you don't want any history, you just check out your CC source to a local directory and check the same directory into svn. If you want only minimal history, you can do roughly the same thing by checking out particular checkpoints that you want to preserve, and checking them in svn in chronological order.

Svnimporter does have an option to do a trunk only migration, with no branches or checkpoints. That might be helpful.

Otherwise, the only option to schedule a lot of time and do a full migration. Then trim the stuff you don't want on the svn system. Or filter your dump files before you load them into svn.

Good luck,

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