Project $<Project> has been destroyed and cannot be re

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Project $<Project> has been destroyed and cannot be re

Postby CleverCoder » Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:37 pm

Hi Guys,
After a few times around, I discovered that this error is caused by VSS client 6.0d. (SP6 for Visual Studio I believe). I called MS today and got the hotfix. it solved the problem!

The problem manifested in strange ways. Namely, a paritally successful import, but with some items missing.. And the "Project $<Project> has been destroyed and cannot be rebuilt." message in the logs. (And a failed 'load').

Here is an article:
The actual hotfix I got was newer than this. The support rep gave me the newest. Either way, it worked!

So, hopefully this can help someone! It's a pain to have to call MS and get the hotfix, but it did fix this problem! I can now import all our VSS DB's!

-Sean :)

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