New release 1.1-M7 available

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New release 1.1-M7 available

Postby admin » Tue Apr 04, 2006 9:11 am

Hi everybody,

after a long time without official downloadable release, we have finally created the 1.1-M7 release. It can be downloaded form the project download page. It contains many improvements and fixes. Many of them either directly come from external contributors or were pointed out by the users in this forum. The changes are these:

  • SVNIMP-4: Allow use of copy command for branches/tags,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • SVNIMP-5: allow complete migration of large repositories. If necessary,
    create a sequence of dump files whose sizes are configurable in the parameter file,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • FIX - correct quotes handling when launching pcli commands,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • FIX - allow automatic splig up of too big dump files,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • FIX - pcli commands optimized to get only needed data,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • Make import of PVCS archive attributes optional by a config file parameter,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • Add config file parameter keep_vlogfile for special purposes,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • SVNIMP-9: automatically set properties during import,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • FIX: UTF-8 used for correct handling of national characters,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • FIX: Handle file names containing '$' and quote characters correctly,
    contributed by Friedrich Wilckens
  • SVNIMP-20: multiline commit message handling added
  • SVNIMP-21: vlog vs files file matching made more robust
  • FIX: sandbox dropping (execute mks drop only if .pj file exists in the sandbox)
  • SVNIMP-15: The importer does not handle MKS question "Do you want to recurse into the subproject"
  • SVNIMP-16: Sabdbox project names other than "project.pj" not handled correctly during delete
  • SVNIMP-11: Investigate the necessity of local .pj file existence check
  • FIX: Applied patch from,
    contributed by user Srt in forums
  • SVNIMP-13: Import fails if one file has two revisions with the same date, user, time and comment.
  • SVNIMP 14: Empty directories in vss not handled properly
  • FIX: version labels saves to SVN revision property
  • FIX: "Wrong revision '/main/1' on Solaris" in CCHistoryParser
  • SVNIMP-17: comparing revision numbers
  • FIX: revision parser (revision number can contain more than two branch names)
  • SVNIMP-18: Support conversion of ClearCase labels into SVN Tags
  • FIX: history parser: multiline comments and empty fields were not handled properly
  • FIX: SvnHistoryHelper: conditions: provider=cvs, modules, result: equal revisions for different modules
  • FIX: problem with cvsnt checkouts (see
  • SVNIMP-19: correction of invalid dates fixed
  • FIX: check svnadmin process exit code
  • FIX: svn dump with slash in branch name
  • Exec reports process stderr text in INFO log level instead of ERROR
  • CVS,PVCS,VSS,CC: original revision numbers saves to SVN revision property
  • SVNIMP-10: project is now build using Apache Maven instead of Ant

I wish to thank everybody for their contribution.

In the near future we plan to process also the unanswered posts here in the forum, since it was neglected during the past months.

Enjoy the tool and don't forget to check the other subversion-relatet projects on

Michal Dobisek
Polarion Team

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New release 1 1 M7 available

Postby lightroomLap » Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:32 pm


Is future RETROX release planned soon to update the ppsspp emulator using Vulkan support ?

It will be a really huge improvement for the PSP emulation.

Thank you for your great work

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