Making a contribution to SVNConverter


Making a contribution to SVNConverter

Postby mbools » Thu Mar 16, 2006 9:30 am

Is there a way to help with SVN converter?

I have run into a problem converting a PVCS repository (PVCS VM v7.5.1.0 Build 297) which I think is down to a parse problem in org.polarion.svnimporter.pvcsprovider.internal.VlogParser.

I have had a look at the source using a webbrowser but I cannot get the source using SVN (I assume there is some authorisation required - either that or one network people have somehow blocked me :( ).

Anyway, I would like to take a close look at this problem and hopefully resolve it. So, is it possible to get access to the SVN Converter repository and how should I submit any solution I find?

Mark Bools
Principia IT Ltd

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Postby timthelin » Wed Mar 29, 2006 7:38 pm

Point a subversion client at: ... rter/trunk
And you'll have anonymous read access; it will at least let you hack at it

To build it you need apache maven 1.x (don't use 2.x)

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Postby dobisekm » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:27 pm

Hi Mark,

I am sorry for the late answer, we had a busy time with other tasks.

As timthelin already pointed out, the SVN repository is open for anonymous read acces, therefore you can get the sources using a SVN client. We warmly welcome all people contributions - there are several ways how you can do it:

1) If you plan something bigger, then we can discuss it via users mailing list (see ... vnimporter) and create the Polarion and SVN writable account for you to contribute directly.

2) You can just submit your fix as a SVN patch file (either to forums or to the mailing list) and we will review and commit it to the SVN (of course, giving you a credit in changes.txt).

I hope this helps,


Michal Dobisek
Polarion Team

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