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[cvs2svn] Wrong absoluteFilepath

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:50 pm
by wpoitras
I ran:

java -jar svn-importer.jar list

And I got the following error:

09:30:16,821 [main] ERROR CvsUtil:96 - Wrong absoluteFilepath '/data/release/cvs
root/atr/DBClient.spec,v': it doesn't start with repositoryPath + module name
09:30:16,821 [main] ERROR CvsProvider:96 - Skip file: /data/release/cvsroot/atr/

I've set cvs.repository=/release/cvsroot, this is what I use for normal checkouts.

But if I set cvs.repository=/data/release/cvsroot the login fails. Presumably because the pserver doesn't recognize that as a valid CVSROOT path. Any ideas?